Farmers Weekly Podcast Episode 32: U-turn on food standards and urea ban

The government has unveiled controversial plans to ban urea fertiliser – we examine what it means for your farm business.

Ministers finally agree to give farmers a bigger say on food imports. But is it enough to stop British farmers from being undermined by food imports produced using methods that would be illegal in the UK?

As England enters another coronavirus lockdown, we examine ways producers can tap into the latest consumer trends in red meat, dairy and fresh produce.

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We travel across the Atlantic for the US election – and ask whether a different American president would be better for British agriculture?

And we celebrate the winners of some new awards for young farmers who go the extra mile for their friends and colleagues.

This episode is co-hosted by Farmers Weekly chief reporter Johann Tasker and Surrey farmer Hugh Broom with Farmers Weekly deputy business editor Andrew Meredith.

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