Farming around the world

14 January 2000

Farming around the world

  • New Zealand GM proposal draws record number of submissions

    A proposal to field-trial genetically modified wheat in Canterbury has attracted a record 1418 submissions from Maori groups, government agencies, industry, organic farmers, environmental groups, and individuals.

  • Turkmenistan to buy $353m of US farm machinery

    Turkmenistan is to spend $353m on US farm machinery this year as part of a major initiative to transform agriculture over the next decade.

  • GM seeds smuggled into Brazil

    Brazilian farmers are smuggling genetically modified soya bean seeds, which are prohibited in their country, across the border from Argentina.

  • Polish farmers protest at diseased EU grain

    Polish farmers leaders have threatened to mount a campaign of border protests unless the government increases checks for disease on all grain imported from the EU.

  • Australians protest at live sheep exports

    Animal welfare activists protested in Perth as Australia resumed exports of live sheep to Saudi Arabia for the first time in more than a decade

  • Clue to salmonella

    The elimination of two strains of salmonella that caused disease in hens may have opened the door to infection by another strain which badly affects humans.

  • US pig output downturn offers hope

    Pig farmers are being offered new hope of a long-overdue recovery in the world market as the US Department of Agriculture reports signs of a downturn in output.

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