Farming is like athletics, visitors told

25 November 2000

Farming is like athletics, visitors told

by FWi staff

THE same qualities that make a successful athlete also make a successful farmer, visitors to the Royal Smithfield Show in London have been told.

Success on the athletics field demands sensible goal setting, recognition of opportunities, good luck and determination, claims a leading farm analyst.

Those are also the qualities needed for successful farm businesses, according to Robin Hobson, director of farm business consultant, Laurence Gould.

The most important asset in your business is You,” he said.

Detailed short- and long-term goals should be set for each aspect of the business, he is telling listeners in a series of Big Debates at the show.

Taking place at 4pm daily, the Farmers Weekly-sponsored events examine business opportunities, especially in the field of marketing, open to farmers.

Goals should be matched to a hard-headed decision about whether farmers personal requirements are compatible with their businesses, said Mr Hobson.

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