Farming morale at a 50-year low Kennedy

22 September 1998

‘Farming morale at a 50-year low’ — Kennedy

By FWi staff

MORALE among those working in agriculture is at its lowest for 50 years, delegates at the Liberal Democrat Party conference heard today (Tuesday).

Liberal Democrat agriculture spokesman, Charles Kennedy, said the Governments track record has been dreadful since it came to power in May last year. He said ministers had urban instincts and had ignored the plight of rural people.

“Every sector of agriculture is suffering,” he said. “Morale is at an all-time post-war low – incomes are even lower.”

Mr Kennedy said Labour had failed to comprehend the depths of despair in the countryside and criticised the appointment of Nick Brown to agriculture minister. Mr Brown represents an inner-city constituency.

“Rural affairs generally, and agriculture in particular, represent the Achilles heel of this administration,” Mr Kennedy added.

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