24 May 2002

Plenty of interest to


With over 420 exhibitors,

last weeks Site Equipment

Demonstration event

was the largest in its

36-year history.

Andy Moore discovered

what was on offer

DESPITE its dedication to the construction industry, SED 2002 revealed products with even greater relevance to the farming sector.

Held at its now customary Milton Keynes site, visitors to the three-day event witnessed a number of companies unveil new equipment for handling and processing scrap wood, green waste and compost.

Tapping into this rapidly growing industry, Doppstadt introduced two new compost windrow turners – the DU325 Panda and DU320 Grizzly.

Built to mount on the three-point linkage of tractors from 150hp upwards, the DU325 Panda is designed to turn windrows up to 2.3m high.

The machine employs two 1.15m diameter bladed discs to cut into the side of the windrow which deposits compost on an 80cm wide angled conveyor.

Hydraulically powered, the conveyor delivers compost to an optional rotating drum that can be reversed and angled in three stages to build a new windrow parallel to the existing stack.

The drum is rotated anti-clockwise to form the foundation of the new windrow which is then raised clear for building the main body.

To achieve a full size windrow – up to 2.70m tall – the drum is lifted and rotated clockwise to discharge compost on the top of the stack.

Turning up to 500cu m of compost an hour, Doppstadt says the Panda takes about 15 minutes to be mounted and detached from the tractor.

For those wanting to turn 1000cu m/hour, Doppstadts DU320 windrow turner is designed to work with the companys 320hp Grizzly bi-directional tractor.

Operating in the same way as the £60,000 Panda, the Grizzly DU320 combination carries a price tag of no less than £150,000.

Mucking in…the Grizzly DU320 windrow turner is built to turn up to 1000cu m/hour of compost. The tractor-mounted Panda can turn 500cu m/hr.

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