Fast cultivator option

26 June 1998

Fast cultivator option

NON-powered cultivator/drill combinations have the edge over power harrow mounted units, says Vogel and Noot, which recently became the latest UK custodian of the Niemeyer range of equipment.

As an alternative to powered machinery, the company advocates a front-mounted seed hopper feeding a pneumatic seeder unit mounted above its new Franquet Synchrolinor trailed cultivator, which is claimed to create a firm, level seed-bed in addition to eliminating soil capping and wheelings.

The Synchroliner operates as follows: Furrows are first broken down by three leading rows of tines, before the soil passes through a bank of interlocking coils. This action at the implements operating speed of 7mph produces a seed-bed which is firm at the working depth of 50mm (2in) and in which the soil particles become finer rising through the profile. &#42

Seen as a high speed alternative to power harrow/drill combinations, Vogel and Noots 4m Franquet Synchrolinor is priced at £7800.

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