Fast messaging keeps rings in touch with jobs

30 August 2002

Fast messaging keeps rings in touch with jobs

EFFICIENT communication is now a requirement for many businesses where personnel are working in different locations.

For machinery rings where members are, by definition, spread far and wide, making urgent contact at peak work times can be difficult.

In an attempt to improve communication efficiency, several machinery rings have now adopted a system which enables all members to receive messages concerning job opportunities simultaneously, rather than the time-consuming method of contacting them individually.

The system is the result of the teaming up of Justfone, a member of wireless technology alliance MX, with Farmdata which has produced the Ringdata software.

According to Stuart Milne from the Gordon and Buchan machinery ring, the system has been an invaluable aid to his business.

"It allows us to get information to our members extremely quickly," he says. "We can also send text messages. Texting late at night or very early in the morning isnt a problem because members get the message first thing in the morning when they switch on their phones." &#42

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