Fatal holds on to first place

17 November 2000

Fatal holds on to first place

FATAL has held on to top place in the latest rankings of UK proven bulls on PLI. There are few changes in the top 10 but Cogent Lucky has returned, following a dip earlier in the year.

Long-time PLI leader Genus Townley, with a £64PLI, shares second place with Cogent-owned bull Joy. Joy is an easy calving bull, ideal for using on heifers, says the companys sire analyst Chris Shepherd.

"Calving ease and a low cell count score of -12 and positive scores for udders, feet and legs are making Joy a popular choice with producers looking for easy-to-manage cows."

Cogent Lucky returns to the top 10 with a £58PLI and PIN of £50. He offers 439kg milk, and 19.2kg fat with a type merit score of 2.4.

Confirming his position in the rankings is Genuss bull, Olympian Sterling, which with the addition of extra daughters to his proof now scores £57PLI. With a PIN of £55 and type merit score of 1.2, Sterling is also an easy calving bull, says Genus.

"He has one of the best scores ever attained in the breeding programme for calving ease."

Rising up the rankings and continuing to improve on production traits is Cogents bull Crichel Principal. Moving to fifth, from tenth place, Principal scores £60PLI and £58PIN, offering 732kg milk and 20.6kg fat with a type merit score of 1.7.

Promising bulls outside the top ten include Genuss bull Carling. Graduating this time, Carling is a Jabot son with £46PLI and £51PIN and type merit score of 1.7, according to Mr Simpson.

"He is a good all-rounder and with a 0% fat and 0.6% protein percentage, a good choice for customers looking for high solids from powerful, medium sized cows." &#42

Top 10 available UK proven bulls ranked on PLI

November 2000

£PIN £PLI Type merit Price £ Supplier

Fatal 53 67 1.6 28 Supersires

Genus Townley 67 64 0.2 12 Genus

Joyce Mountain 61 64 0.2 18* Cogent

Zandenburger Royal 57 62 0.4 12 Avoncroft

Crichel Principal 58 60 1.7 24* Cogent

Olympian Lexikon 61 59 1.5 14 Supersires

Cogent Lucky 50 58 2.4 28* Cogent

Beechpike Energy 63 57 0.7 18* Cogent

Olympian Sterling 55 57 1.2 17 Genus

Rosparry Thor 54 57 2.7 20 Avoncroft

*50% discount for Cogent members.

Source: Animal Data Centre and Holstein UK and Ireland.

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