Feed those high-priced stores well

5 June 1998

Feed those high-priced stores well

PRODUCERS who have paid high prices for store cattle should feed them well and finish them at grass plus concentrates for best returns.

SACs Basil Lowman says high prices have been paid for stores on the back of good spring grass growth, subsidy payments, extensification premiums, and hopes of increased prices for finished cattle. But prices are unlikely to increase much more than 3-4p/kg liveweight by December, he warns.

Premium payments for a 400kg store can be worth £100 or 25p/kg liveweight. But when buying at 110p/kg beware that if you sell at 90p/kg you will lose 20p/kg on the purchase weight. As each kg of liveweight gained will cost 50p/kg in feed, that leavs only 40p/kg for vet costs, interest charges and the 20p/kg loss since purchase, he says.

To maximise profit from stores, sell them finished in September and October, when there was a shortage last year, and to avoid housing costs.

To finish stores at grass start introducing up to 2kg a head of concentrates from the end of July. As grass quality declines increase concentrates during September to 5kg a head a day as two feeds. This may seem a lot for stores at grass, but is little more than fed to stores with silage once housed, he adds. &#42

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