Feeders, Danish style

28 September 2001

Feeders, Danish style

WESTMAC now distributes a range of vertical tub and horizontal auger diet feeders.

Made by JF in Denmark, the VM tub feeders will be available initially in 12cu m and 22cu m capacities, with the PA horizontal auger models in 12cu m, 15 cu m and 19cu m builds.

The tub feeders are constructed with a separate body and chassis which minimises stress on the axle, claims Westmac.

For extra durability, the tub floor is made from 20mm plate, while the body is constructed in upper and lower sections which are bolted together.

Prone to more wear, the lower section is designed to be replaced independently of the top section which Westmac says is less expensive than replacing the whole body.

Fitted with automatic lubrication, the VM tub feeder can be specified with single or either side discharge.

Degree of chop can be altered by manual or hydraulically operated shearbars. &#42

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