Fertiliser prices held down in a quiet market

By Mike Stickland

LITTLE activity has taken place in the past two weeks, and as yet there does not seem to be any real buying surge.

In such a thin market it is impossible to spot any trends. Actual sales of ammonium nitrate at £95/t were achieved before Christmas, and now the makers are trying to get £100/t.

Imported ammonium nitrate has been available on the south and east coasts and in the north-east, and Ukrainian/Georgian and Polish product has been put on to farm in the mid-£70s, with Lithuanian receiving a premium and selling at about £80/t.

Sales of high N compounds have been even rarer than those of ammonium nitrate. Kemira has been trying to increase the price, but without some level of sales this is only theoretical.

Blended 20-10-10 can be sold for under £105/t, and this does not support granular sales at much more than £110, though prices £5-10/t above this are being sought.

Urea continues to be offered to merchants at smaller and smaller prices, but the market is dead. It is unusual for a substantial urea market to persist after Christmas, but this is an unusual year.


Fertiliser prices, December 1998 (£/t) (updated monthly)

Region Domestic ANImported ANUrea Prills0-24-24
South East95-9777-8092-94109-113
South West95-9675-8193-95108-112
East Anglia95-9775-8092-96108-112
North East95-9775-8092-96109-112
North West95-9875-82NM111-115

  • Source: Britannia Fertiliser Brokers and Consultants

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