Festering carcasses a health hazard

23 March 2001

Festering carcasses a health hazard

IT is appalling that animal carcases are left lying unburied on infected farms as the only acceptable method of disposal appears to be incineration, a possible cause of wind-borne spread.

That is is possible for unburied carcases to be unattended to for several days is totally irresponsible. The access of foxes and rodents will be impossible to prevent and they will surely act as carriers.

During the last outbreak in 1960 in Scotland, where this locus was one of the last affected, the authorities made absolutely certain that the carcasses having been shot within hours, were buried in a pit and covered with quicklime within the 24 hours following.

They were dragged carefully over the same track, which was then thoroughly disinfected, the whole covered in soil, and left undisturbed for many years.

There were no further outbreaks in the surrounding farms subsequently.

The present lack of alacrity in dealing with exposed dead bodies defies common sense and is completely irresponsible.


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