Fight dermatitis by spray or wash

6 November 1998

Fight dermatitis by spray or wash

IMPROVE conditions such as digital dermatitis by using Hoofpro+ as a neat spray in the parlour, says importer Louvic.

The combination of ionised copper and a low pH creates an environment which is not conducive to growth of bacteria, funguses or viruses, says the company.

The product is also available for use in a footbath,

Hoofpro+ is dematologically tested, and harmless to udders, teats and milk, says Louvic.

It can be applied as a spray mixed with three parts water twice daily for three days, or as a footbath with 1 litre required for every 200 litres of water, adequate for 300 animals passing through the bath at least once a month.

Hoofpro+ is available in 9.5 litre (2 gallon) bottles, adequate for 10 footbaths, and costs £95 delivered to the farm.

A free spray applicator is included (01993 709795, fax 01993 771859)

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