Fischler slams US gluten quota plan

15 May 2000

Fischler slams US gluten quota plan

By FWi staff

REPORTS that the US intends to tighten its quota on EU wheat gluten have angered European commissioner for agriculture Franz Fischler.

With the EU already challenging the quota itself in the WTO, the imminent move by the USA to further restrict imports is “most inopportune”, according to Mr Fischler.

“I deplore this unnecessary action, which further discriminates against the EU industry,” he said.

“The lack of competitiveness of US wheat processors on the domestic US market will not be resolved by altering the operation of the wheat gluten quota.”

Mr Fischler said the decision would damage trade relations between EU suppliers and US customers and further complicate quota management.

Mr Fischler has outlined his concern in a letter to US secretary for agriculture Dan Glickman.

The new quota could come into effect for the year beginning 1 June.

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