Fitted carpets for milkers cold feet

2 January 1998

Fitted carpets for milkers cold feet

PARLOUR Pitmats might make aching limbs, cold feet and chilblains a thing of the past for milking staff who spend hours standing on wet concrete, says manufacturer ACT.

ACT reckon the mats – a fitted carpet for the parlour pit based on cow cubicle mats – will prevent the discomforts of winter milking, making it happier for both milker and cows.

The Pitmats are made of hard wearing, non-porous synthetic rubber combined with natural rubber for flexibility, and can withstand freezing temperatures and pressure washing.

Each 1m by 1m (3ft 4in by 3ft 4in) mat costs £18.95 (01494-784931, fax 01494-791553).

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