Five new beets go on NIAB list 2000

26 February 1999

Five new beets go on NIAB list 2000

FIVE out of 12 candidate sugar beet varieties have secured a place on the National Institute of Agricultural Botanys sugar beet Recommended List for 2000.

New to the provisionally recommended category are Ariana, from the English Sugar Beet Seed Company, Stallion from Novartis and Wildcat from Advanta. All three have high sugar yield and growers income. The latter two have also shown high sugar content.

Two new rhizomania-resistant varieties – Rebecca from ESB and Rosana from Delitzsch – join the provisionally recommended special use category.

At present such varieties can not be grown on land that is confirmed to have the disease, but the new additions have given higher yields than Ballerina when tested under non-infested conditions. All three resistant varieties are unsuitable for early sowing due to bolting susceptibility.

Alexa, from ESB is now in the fully recommended category and Madison, from Danisco, retains provisional recommendation for a further year.

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