Five sugar beet vareties join RL

1 March 2002

Five sugar beet vareties join RL

FIVE new sugar beet varieties have been added to the NIAB Recommended List for 2003, including two rhizomania resistors.

Top performing newcomer is conventional type Dominika from English Sugar Beet. Yield and grower income are 4% ahead of Roberta. "It takes yield on another step," says NIAB beet specialist Simon Kerr.

Hot on its heels is Giovanna from Delitzsch, with consistently high yield and lowest bolting from early sowing on the list, while Sweet from Nickerson, offers sugar content close to Stallion and low impurities like Chorus.

Rayo from Advanta and Dorena from ESB are the rhizo-busters, offering yields equal to or ahead of current top resistor Concept, but still behind non-tolerant varieties, says Mr Kerr. &#42

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