2 June 1931

Five-year plan set out by the BPC

THE British Potato Council has set out its vision for the next five years which includes finding ways to increase exports and boost demand for potatoes and potato products in the domestic market.

The organisation has published its corporate plan which sets out the vision, goals and specific annual objectives for 2002-2007.

But the report reveals that to finance the work, levy rates will have to increase each year. In its financial projections it suggests the growers levy rate could rise to £43.50/ha by 2006/2007.

In the report, the organisation sets itself a target of increasing sales of potatoes and potato products by 10% by undertaking promotions with five retailers. &#42

Other objectives are revealed to be working in industry-targeted countries to increase potato exports. It also plans over the next 12 months to hold meetings to encourage the successful introduction of varieties better suited to the consumer and the environment.