Flexible grass work

24 October 1997

Flexible grass work

A RANGE of mower conditioners capable of leaving cut grass in either a swath or as a full-width spread have now been introduced by Krone. It is a system designed to provide growers with a flexible, weather conscious approach to hay or silage production.

Krone Easyspread mower conditioners are available as tractor mounted – the 2.4m (7.9ft) and 2.8m (9.2ft), 243 and 283 models – and trailed as the 2.8m (9.2ft), 3.2m (10.5ft), 4.0m (13.1ft) and 4.8m (15.7ft) 283T, 323T 4000T and 5000T.

With the disc cutting and conditioner units the same as employed on other Krone mowers, it is the use of a light-weight aluminium spreading hood which sets the new range apart.

A set of vanes incorporated in the hood can be individually angled through seven positions to produce the desired degree of spread or, if a conventional narrow swath is required, the vanes can be removed and the swath boards closed up.

Price of the 2.4m Easyspread 243 is listed at £8100, while the trailed 4.8m 5000T costs £28,000.

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