Flood lands can be set-aside

8 November 2000

Flood lands can be set-aside

By Isabel Davies

FARMERS with flooded land will be able to put it all down to set-aside to make sure they do not lose out on their subsidies.

Junior farm minister Elliot Morley made the announcement during a debate in the House of Commons on Tuesday (07 November).

“The Government recognises that, because of recent flooding, farmers may well have lost crops which they intended to include in a claim under the Arable
Area Payments Scheme in 2001,” he said.

Because of these exceptional circumstances, MAFF will allow farmers to put all their eligible flooded land into set-aside – up to 100% of their eligible land, he said.

It will also be prepared to be flexible about the normal requirement to have a green cover on set-aside land.

Farmers who have had crops washed away will also be helped.

“Where they intend to re-sow those crops, we will, if the weather remains wet throughout the winter and into the spring, seek any necessary extension of the latest sowing date after 31 May,” said Mr Morley.

“That way farmers will not lose out on payments by missing the deadline.”

Farmers who require more details should contact their local regional service centre.

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