Flystrike beater from Down Under

15 June 2001

Flystrike beater from Down Under

STOCKS of CLiK – a pour-on to protect against flystrike – have been brought over from Australia in response to sheep producers concerns about allowing contract dippers on farm, says Novartis.

The product, used in Australia for two years, is said to give 16 weeks of cover and be easy and quick to apply. Compared with Vetrazin and Crovet, Novartiss other flystrike brands, CLiK gives longer protection – one application is usually sufficient for the season, says the company.

Available only through vets, the product contains a new active ingredient, dicyclanil, which prevents development of blowfly larvae and it costs from 5p/animal/week of protection (0800-801566, fax 01763-850600).

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