FMD Continues to haunt the UK pig industry.

Pig trading patterns are still being disrupted by the effects of foot-and-mouth, even though it is almost six months since the disease was first detected in the UK.

Cull sow prices remain at rock bottom following the February ban on pigmeat exports. Currently only 2,500-3,000 cull sows are being slaughtered per week, compared with over double this figure pre-FMD.

Payments under the Welfare Slaughter Scheme remain at just 30/head, to the dismay of many producers and breeding companies who had previously been receiving between 80 and 120/head.


Restrictions leave pigs trapped

Movement restrictions in East Yorkshire, where almost a third of all UK pigs are produced, have left a significant number of pigs trapped, leaving some East Anglian abattoirs temporarily short of supply.

As a result, spot quotes are forecast to be largely at stand on levels whereas contract prices tied to the UKAESA, which dropped almost 3p this week to 102.26p/kg, are still easing back.

Group traders are quoting spot baconers between 96p-100p/kg according to region and specification, with lighter weights in the 100p to 106p/kg range.

In those areas where farm to farm trading is taking place, 30kg weaners are fetching 37-40/head, with 7kg pigs making 22-24.50/head.

In addition, output on rearing units throughout England is still being hit by the effects of PDNS and PMWS, and there have been reports of the first cases of this high mortality virus in Scotland.

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