FoEchallenge to GMpolicy

27 August 1999

FoEchallenge to GMpolicy

ENVIRONMENTAL campaign group Friends of the Earth has launched a legal challenge against the governments policy on GM crop testing.

The group is seeking a judicial review to overturn the governments decision to increase the amount of land involved in field-scale GM trials.

FoE claims the government has bent its own rules to allow biotechnology giant AgrEvo to continue the trials.

It claims that government officials agreed to allow AgrEvo to change the GM crop being tested without submitting a new application to the Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment – the government committee which must approve GM crops before any trials can begin.

FoE policy director Tony Juniper said: "We have caught the government red-handed. They have tried to bend the law to suit a giant GM company in a hurry to get its crops into the UK market.

"The government needs to learn that if it tries to get round the law to suit the convenience of its friends in the biotech companies, it will be caught, exposed and then stopped."

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