Folding drill in range

23 October 1998

Folding drill in range

AMAZONE has extended its pneumatic drill range with the introduction of a 4m (13ft) folding version of its three-point-linkage mounted Airstar Avant model.

As on the standard version, the drill uses a hydraulically-driven fan to transfer seed from a 1500 litre capacity front hopper to a rear drill unit.

The latter comprises a single distribution head positioned above two, 2m (6.5ft) wide KG403-2 power harrow/wedge ring roller combinations, centrally-hinged to allow the unit to be folded vertically to within 3m (9.10ft) for transport.

Standard specification includes the companys Amados electronic control unit – which incorporates electronic tramlining, seed rate control, output and seed level indicator – vertical folding markers and Suffolk coulters.

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