Food is the extra dimension…

20 March 1998

Food is the extra dimension…

process going we were away," says Sally. "They then realised that everything happened for a reason."

The aim of the visit was to show how farming could be used as a teaching resource and how it could help with a host of subjects within the National Curriculum. The thorough tour included a visit to the farm office where the teachers were given an idea of the paperwork required to sustain livestock traceability.

&#42 Shepherds year

They were also shown education material including the video produced by WFFU on sheep and the shepherds year.

Work with schools is a regular feature of WFFU activity and the union has set up a nationwide panel of trained speakers who are available to visit classrooms to talk to children about farming and food production.

Sally and Tim Kendall, pictured here with daughter Daisy, were the hosts

for the teacher-educating exercise organised by the Cornwall WFFU branch.

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