Food makers eliminate GM ingredients

10 June 1999

Food makers eliminate GM ingredients

FOOD producers are turning their back on genetically modified (GM) food after a consumer backlash against the technology, reports The Independent.

The steady rejection by the UKs food makers culminated in a declaration this week by Northern Foods it would not use GM ingredients, says the paper.

A week ago a survey by Friends of the Earth found that 24 of the biggest 30 food producers in the UK were moving completely to non-GM sources.

In The Times, the chairman of Northern Foods said that people would eventually clamour for GM foods because it would mean lower prices in the shops.

Lord Haskins said there would be a significant price differential between GM and non-GM foods.

Northrern Foods company is one of Britains biggest food manufacturers.

Earlier this week, it said it was calling a halt to the production of food using GM ingredients.

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