Food pesticides contain no risks

17 September 1999

‘Food pesticides contain no risks’

GOVERNMENT scientists cautioned yesterday against consumers becoming alarmed over the levels of pesticide residues found in food sold in supermarkets.

The move followed a story in The Guardian yesterday, which was based on an official report about to be published.

The story in the newspaper suggested that much food sold in supermarkets was contaminated by pesticide residues.

The official report from the pesticide safety directorate found that some fruit, vegetables and groceries contained pesticide levels above statutory limits.

John Bainton, head of policy at the Pesticide Safety Directorate, emphasised that the findings did not pose a threat to human health.

Some pears were found to contain chlormequat and evidence was also found of the illegal use of the fungicide iprodione in lettuce and of lindane in chocolate.

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