for big guns

28 May 1999

Kind weather

for big guns

Grassland 99 – the triennial

event which aims to reveal

all the latest developments

in grass handling machinery

– proved to be a good

hunting ground for those

looking for new ideas. Andy

Collings and Andy Moore

report from the event

WELL at least it didnt rain, was probably the first observation made by most visitors attending last weeks Grassland event. Memories of torrential rain at successive earlier events still clearly entrenched in the minds of many.

And dry, warm weather must have been a distinct relief for exhibitors anxious to demonstrate their latest wares in a friendly, helpful climate.

The theme for the event was output – more of it – with ever larger forage harvesters, wider mowers and higher capacity balers. Along with such capacity, claimed most manufacturers, would come increased quality silage, quicker field clearances and quicker field recoveries.

It is a claim hard to argue against but, as equipment becomes larger and more expensive, the role of silage making slips inevitably and increasingly into the domain of the contractor.

Not that this is to be criticised – there are many stock farmers who are more than content to have their silage operations blitzed in a matter of days, and not have the expense or bother of maintaining machinery.

One of the main interests for such visitors to the Grassland event may have been to know just how wide the gates need to be for next years contractor contribution.

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