Forestry Commission hunting review this week

30 July 1997

Forestry Commission hunting review this week

THE Forestry Commission review into deer hunting and fox hunt activities is expected to publish its results this week.

It recommends the suspension of deer hunting on Forestry Commission land and restrictions on the activities of fox hunts.

Details of the review emerged as Mike Foster, the Worcester MP, began public consultation on the principles of his anti-hunting Private Members Bill. The Bill would not affect the use of dogs to control rabbits or rats, and neither would it affect fishing or shooting.

The government has indicated it will not allow the Bill extra time if it faces filibustering in the Commons, but Foster hopes that with or without government time, the vote at the Second Reading on November 28 will represent a clear mandate to outlaw hunting with dogs.

Peter Mandelson, Minister without Portfolio, said Fosters Bill was not seen as a priority. A national campaign was launched to secure more support for a ban on all hunting with hounds.

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