Fourth guide on the horse business…

13 July 2001

Fourth guide on the horse business…

WARWICKSHIRE College and the University of Aberystwyth are calling on horse business owners and managers to take part in a survey for their new guide*.

The data will be published in the fourth edition of this reference allowing budgeting and financial comparisons. Detailed accounts data is required (particularly for studs) and, as published information will be in a collated form, individual confidentiality is assured.

According to Richard Bacon, equine senior curriculum leader at Warwickshire College, the data will be useful to managers, advisers and the wider industry, providing an informed basis from which to argue on issues such as business rates.

"The rural economy is in tatters," he says. "The horse world has never had a coherent supported voice. A survey like this gives a factual basis for arguing about the state of the industry."

*Equine Business Guide. Anyone taking part gets a free copy of the book (priced £18). If interested, contact Richard Bacon on 01926 318333 or email

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