Foxhunting statement soon

20 October 1999

Foxhunting statement soon

THE government will make a statement about foxhunting soon, says Tony Blair in an interview in The Daily Telegraph today.

The Prime Minister said this did not mean that the Home Office would introduce a Bill to outlaw hunting with hounds.

But he confirmed it would deal with issues such as whether or not a ban would be forced through before the next general election.

The same newspaper also reports that campaigners are set to mount a
legal challenge against proposals to outlaw foxhunting in Scotland.

They believe that their move may also jeopardise plans to ban the sport in England.

The Scottish Countryside Alliance is basing its case on the European Convention on Human Rights which has recently been incorporated into Scottish law.

A previous ruling ruling suggests that those whose jobs were lost due to Acts of Parliament were entitled to compensation unless the loss was in the public interest.

The Guardian reports that claims that a fox-hunting ban would mean 16,000 losing their jobs in rural communities are exaggerated.

It quotes from a study by The Journal of Rural Studies which suggests 1000 jobs are at risk.

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