Fragrance takes the urine out of yard

8 October 1999


Feed additive for yield and protein

BOOST milk yield and protein content using the feed additive, Amino Pro-Tek says manufacturer, Nutec.

The additive is said to slow rumen protein degradation, increasing the amount of by-pass protein available to cows.

Trial results show that daily milk yield increased by 1.8 litres and daily protein yield by 8% in cows fed the supplement, says the company.

It is available in 5kg packs and can be incorporated in blends, minerals or compound feeds. Each cow should receive 100g daily, which costs 8p a cow a day, according to the company (01543-306306, fax 01543-306307).

Spinning shearer never scores…

SMARTEN animals up for market without getting hot and bothered using the Ritchey RotaShear, says manufacturer Ritchey.

The shearer is said to have a revolutionary cutting mechanism comprising a spinning high-speed steel blade which cuts against hardened steel teeth located in an integral cartridge.

This enables it to cut off mud and manure, even in the dirtiest and wettest conditions, without damaging the animals skin, says the company. It is suitable for cattle, sheep and goats and four models are available. Prices start at £283 (01765-689541, fax, 01765-689851).

Pump solution to a pain in the arm

ADMINISTERING calmag could be less of a pain in the arm using the Calmag Pump, says manufacturer Colin Houseman.

Designed to screw directly onto 400ml calcium bottles, the pump seals the bottle allowing pressurisation of its contents. Unlike flutter valve systems, bottles can be kept upright meaning operators need not raise an arm to enable solution to flow, says the company.

It is said to be suitable for all types of metabolic solutions and will withstand steam sterilisation up to 140C (284F). The pump costs about £20 (01295-720704, fax, 01295-720708).

Fragrance takes the urine out of yard

FRESHEN up your dairy farm by using Mistral, a litter conditioner which absorbs moisture from straw yards and dairy cubicles, says distributor Vetsonic Litter Treatments.

The product is a fragrant powder, said to be non-hazardous to operators and animals. By drying up urine and slurry, it produces an atmosphere which bugs cant breed in. This reduces dairy cow lameness and mastitis incidence, says the company.

A 120-cow herd would need 1t of Mistral to last a winter. It costs £800/t or about £6/cow (01757-289046, fax 01757-288087).

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