French act after BSE scare

15 November 2000

French act after BSE scare

By FWi staff

FRANCE has responded to mounting public panic by banning beef on the bone and suspended the use of meat and bonemeal in all animal feed.

Prime minister Lionel Jospin also announced random tests for cattle entering the food chain and tripled BSE research funds, reports The Guardian.

Beef sales have halved and school meal services have withdrawn the suspect meat since it emerged that beef from infected herds had entered the food chain.

In an editorial the Financial Times says other European nations should follow the example of France and ban MBM from animal feed.

It warns that the lessons of Britains experiences must not be ignored or there could be disastrous consequences in costs, political careers and lives.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that a lion from a West Country zoo was suffering from the feline form of BSE when it was put down this year.

A post mortem showed that Major, a 12-year-old male from Newquay Zoo in Cornwall had been suffering from feline spongiform encephalopathy.

Zoo staff speculate that Major may have contracted the disease from eating part of a whole carcass, including high-risk brain and spinal material.

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