French backdown hint makes headlines

28 October 1999

French backdown hint makes headlines

BRITAINS escalating row with France over beef again fills the pages of all the national newspapers

The main theme today is the first hint of a compromise offer by the French.

This involved the idea of stricter controls being imposed on British exports than those laid down by the European Union.

This initiative is seen as a means of addressing the French publics concern about British beef — and getting the French government out of a tricky political hole.

Tony Blair, the Prime Minister, is reported as unlikely to accept this offer.

The National Farmers Union signalled a more hard-line approach saying it would take legal action itself against the France if the European Commission fails to take swift action.

Attention now switches to todays meeting of scientific experts in Brussels who are considering the additional scientific material provided by France to support their continued ban.

The beef war attracts letter writers in most of todays newspapers as well as comment from columnists and opinion writers.

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