French beef producers fear lifting of export ban

21 October 1998

French beef producers fear lifting of export ban

FRENCH beef producers are becoming increasingly concerned about the lifting of the export ban. They feel it could adversely affect consumption on the Continent, according to Herve Chapelle, a director of the countrys Limousin Society.

He said: “French consumers do no understand all the measures you have taken since BSE. They are worried about BSE and genetically modified crops, such as soya.”

“Producers fear that they may adopt an irrational response to beef and stop eating all beef”.

Mr Chapelle spoke to The Herald after visiting the Perth bull sales. He expressed some reservations about the way the bulls are brought out, suggesting that some are over-forced.

He also pointed out that 300kg stores are making just less than £2 per live kg – roughly double Scottish values. But he said French prices were no higher than three years ago and production was running ahead of demand.

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