French Parliament recommends GM seeds moratorium

01 July 1998

French Parliament recommends GM seeds moratorium

THE French Parliament has recommended a two-year moratorium on the introduction of genetically modified (GM) rape seed.

It has also endorsed the Jospin Governments cautious approach to the use of new types of maize.

The move follows a vote in March this year against the European Unions authorisation of GM rape seed.

The latest recommendations were made in a report prepared by the French national assemblys scientific evaluation office, assessing the implications of using GM products on agribusiness and the food chain.

The report warns that three types of Novartis GM maize should only be put on the market in conditions of strong “bio-vigilance” involving a transparent process of labelling.

The report said that “barring new scientific evidence”, the Novartis permit should be allowed to continue on an experimental basis for three years.

  • Financial Times 01/07/98 page 10

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