French pig men enjoy hand-outs

6 November 1998

French pig men enjoy hand-outs

FRENCH pig producers are set to receive a further 150m francs (£16m) in national aid as the Paris government responds to increasingly militant protests occurring in Brittany over low prices.

This support will be on top of the 100m francs (£11m) allocated as grants and loans at the end of September under the so-called Stabiporc initiative, to counteract the depressed market.

Brussels officials said they had yet to be notified of the latest measures, and were still waiting for more details on the September package. But they probably amounted to a state aid and would be contested by the commission.

&#8226 Market managers in Brussels were this week examining a range of EU measures to help the beleaguered pig sector, including a voluntary outgoers scheme, an insemination ban, a sow/piglet slaughter scheme and a maximum slaughter weight.

As FARMERS WEEKLY went to Press (Wed), deliberations were continuing.

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