Fresh vegetable waste advice

23 October 1998

Fresh vegetable waste advice

VEGETABLE growers are to come under greater pressure to have plant waste returned to their farms from processing centres and to do more trimming and cleaning themselves in the field.

Those are just some of the suggestions contained in MAFFs newly launched code of practice for the disposal of vegetable waste.

Aimed at reducing the spread of serious plant pests and diseases the new code will also benefit the wider environment, says MAFF. It encourages processors to reduce waste production and look at alternative uses of waste, such as composting.

The code also suggests processors should return waste to its point of origin and treat it to eliminate pests and diseases. More produce should be cleaned and trimmed in the field and wash water should be recirculated after treatment.

The new code replaces the Disposal of Waste (Control of Beet Rhizomania Disease) Order 1988, which has been revoked. &#42

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