Fuel protesters threaten London

19 October 2000

Fuel protesters threaten London

By FWi staff

FARMERS and lorry drivers have threatened to march on London if their demands for a reduction in fuel tax are not met.

The Peoples Fuel Lobby, which includes the Farmers For Action group and truckers, met in Gateshead on Wednesday (18 October).

Protester Andrew Spence said if demands are not met within their 60-day deadline, which expires on 13 November, demonstrators will hold a rally at Hyde Park

But demonstrations at oil refineries would not be renewed before then, he told the BBC Radio Four Farming Today programme.

FFA leader David Handley told the BBC that he would oppose any protests which could jeopardise safety.

“The first time anybody does anything to do with the National Grid or railways that can cause serious injury or death, I will be walking up their garden and knocking on their door,” he said.

Meanwhile, the BBC Radio 4 Today programme claims that tanker drivers suffered intimidation from fuel protesters last month.

Protesters had insisted that drivers had not been threatened.

This comes as the National Farmers Union and the Freight Transport Association joined forces to call for sweeping changes to the fuel taxation system.

In a submission to Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown, they have called for at least an immediate 15ppl drop in fuel duty for heavy goods vehicles.

They also want a reduction in road tax for environmentally friendly cars and light goods vehicles.

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