Funds for farm IT applications

31 March 1999

Funds for farm IT applications

  • AS A farmers daughter studying for a Masters in IT with Business Management, I have become involved in looking at some of the IT issues in agriculture. Are there funds available – for instance, from the EU – to help farmers with modernising their farms by incorporating the use of computers, say, for breed improvement programs like EBVs?

    BELOW is a report on IT for farms. For details contact your local County
    Council and Business Connect offices. There will also be a Euro Info Centre
    your area that will assist you and give advice on European grants.

    It For Farms
    Code Title Code Title
    Ua3020 Lg East Midlands Innovation Centre Pronovus Uc2170 Ccw Tir Gofal
    Ug0280 Ct Princes Youth Business Trust – England & Wales Ug0430 Ct Princes Youth Business Trust Northen Ireland
    Ug0450 Ct Princes Youth Business Trust – Scotland Ug1620 Lec Caithness & Sutherland Enterprise
    Ug2040 Ct Groundwork Programmes Ug3150 Lg Denby Dale – Business Support Scheme
    Ug3560 Rdc Rural Development Programmes Ug3690 Lg Powys – Menter Powys
    Ug4030 Lg Suffolk – Business Support Package Zg1230 Ec Euro Agric Guid.And Guar Fund
    Zg1890 Ec Spd-East Anglia England Zg1900 Ec Spd-Rural Wales
    Zg1920 Ec Wales – EU Bidding Rounds U12780 Wtb Investment – Visitor Amenity Scheme
    U12790 Wtb Investment – Upgrading Scheme U12830 Wtb Investment – New Capacity Scheme
    U13270 Soaefd Agricultural Business Improvement Scheme U13910 Ct Brighter Business
    U15990 Lg Broadland Internet Grant U16420 Lg Newark & Sherwood – Enterprise Scheme
    U16640 Lg Craigavon Rural Development – Agriculture U16650 Lg Craigavon Rural Development – Environment
    U16670 Lg Trafford – Financial Assistance U17390 Lg Blackburn With Darwen Boroigh Council
    Z10510 Ec European Investment Bank – Loan Support Scheme Z10560 Ec Environmental Loan Facility

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