FW Personality of the Year

17 November 2000

FW Personality of the Year

Two heroes – your vote, your choice

FARMERS WEEKLY, Britains biggest-selling agricultural magazine, has launched its second annual search for Britains Farm Personality of the Year.

The magazine is looking for two personalities who have done most to promote British food, farming and the countryside.

This year, readers and FWi internet users are asked nominate personalities in two key categories: Farming Personality and Non-farming Personality.

The Farming Personality is for a farmer who has, in your view, achieved the best results for British farming.

  • Would you pick David Handley, chairman of Farmers For Action, who spearheaded protests against fuel taxes and the farming crisis?
  • Or do you believe the softly, softly approach of National Farmers Union leader Ben Gill has been more effective in representing the cause of farmers?
  • Perhaps you believe Jim Walker of the Scottish National Farmers Union or Bob Parry of the Farmers Union of Wales deserves recognition?
  • Then again, possibly Brynle Williams has a greater claim to the award for drawing attention to the Labour governments high rate of tax on fuel?
  • Or perhaps you can think of someone we have not mentioned?

The choice is up to you. Simply make your selection and email it to us, together with your reason for your choice, by clicking the link below.

Farming personality category

1 Terry Bayliss chairman Farmers First plc for pioneering high-welfare live exports and re-opening continental export markets
2 NFU president Ben Gill for leadership during the farm crisis
3 David Handley chairman Farmers For Action for leading peaceful direct action in defence of British farmers
4 Meryl Ward pig industry campaigner for highlighting the plight of British pig producers
5 Brynle Williams protest leader, for drawing attention to the high tax on fuel
6 Name your own candidate

Non-farming personality category

1 Prince Charles
for championing environmental issues
2 Birgit Cunningham environmental campaigner, for focusing media attention of the governments handling of the farm crisis and promoting British cream by giving an éclair to farm minister Nick Brown at the
NFU conference
3 Anthony Worrall Thompson celebrity chef for celebrating British food
4 Winnie the Pig for giving her time free of charge to take part in the pig vigil in Parliament Square, London earlier this year
5 Clarissa Dickson Wright celebrity chef and countrywoman for promoting top class British food and its source; the farmers and countryside from which it comes
6 Name your own candidate

The Non-farming Personality award is for the achievement of a personality not directly involved in running a practical farming business.

  • Celebrity chefs are well represented in this category in the shape of Clarissa Dickson Wright and Anthony Worrall Thompson.
  • A surprise candidate, who qualifies by a squeak, is Winnie the Pig.

    Although naturally involved in farming, Winnie has not yet added farm business management to her achievements.

    But her pig-headed protest in Parliament Square earlier this year garnering national headlines and highlighted the plight of pig producers.

  • Perhaps you believe Prince Charles has a greater claim? His views on the environment have certainly attracted media attention.

Click the link below to email us one nomination for each separate category, together with the reasons for your selection

The person who submits what we consider to be the most apt reasons will win a a magnificent food hamper and bottle of top-quality English sparkling wine.

Results will be announced in time for the New Year.

 Click here to email your nominations

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