Game pie, wholemeal baps, cake, tea and English apple

2 August 2002

Game pie, wholemeal baps, cake, tea and English apple

We asked you to

tell us what five

items you most

like in your

harvest hamper –

the ones you most

look forward to

scoffing in the

fields when youre

working hard at


Graham Oliver of

Shripney, West

Sussex, tells us

what he enjoys most

1 My wife Dianes home-made game pie – all that duck and rabbit. Just makes you think of all the good times last winter when I was chasing (legally!) his Lordships pheasants around the woods, the cold wet nights duck flighting and rabbit shooting and the "thank you very much" venison joints. Unlike the lack of Scotch in Scotch eggs, this game pie does have brandy in it!

2 Wholemeal baps – soft and fresh-filled with strong and tasty English cheddar with slices of fresh-cooked beetroot with vinegar. The flavour, crunch and juice is just unbelievable.

3 The wifes cake is an absolute winner – all that boiled fruit and pineapple makes a lovely moist cake and (dont tell her) but the extra weight of the cake helps the combine traction up the steepest slopes!

4 To help all this lovely food down, I just must have a flask of hot tea – its a good job that Ceylon was discovered.

5 The last bit for me to nibble on has got to be the first of the English apples – the Discovery. A lovely apple to eat, it reminds me of all the good times I had in Kent with the ladies picking and packing this lovely fruit.

No picnic is complete without some music – and for me its Deep Purple. The deep bass throbbing out shakes the dust off the windows and means I cant hear the mobile. Peace comes in many ways!

* Write and tell us what will be in your Harvest Hamper and you could win a delicious bundle of savoury goodies, worth about £10. Your prize will be delivered, free of charge, from top butcher Joe Collier of Eastwoods in Berkhamsted, Herts. Write to Harvest Hamper, Farmlife, farmers weekly, Quadrant House, The Quadrant, Sutton, Surrey, SM2 5AS. Or you can email

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