Gatecrashers kept out with barrier

5 June 1998

Gatecrashers kept out with barrier

DISSUADE gate crashers with the aid of BPT Automations RB60 manual traffic barrier. Constructed with an aluminium beam the gate is counterbalanced with a pivot point, claimed to make the barrier easy to operate while providing a high degree of vehicle impact.

Available with beam lengths of up to 6m (20ft), the barrier is locked in its up position by a latching action on the beam mounting pedestal, which also has a padlock facility, as has the beam-tip fork support for securing the beam in the down position.

Optional accessories include a 40cm (1.3ft) diameter convex reflective stop sign, a similar no entry sign and a collapsible aluminium skirt to restrict pedestrian access. Prices start from £578. (01442-235355).

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