Gene foods hit the headlines again

19 March 1999

Gene foods hit the headlines again

THE debate over genetically modified (GM) is back in the national broadsheets today with a mixture of themes on offer.

One story carried by all papers is the news that the UKs catering outlets face fines of £5000 from September if incorrectly label food containing GM ingredients.

The biotechnology companies themselves come under attack in The Times.

The newspaper carries an accusation that the companies behind GM crops they have shown a “lamentable lack of consideration” towards consumer concerns.

The newspaper reports claims that the companies have picked the wrong products to pioneer GM technology.

The claims are made by Professor John Beringer in the annual report of the governments Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment.

Still at the controversial end of the GM issue, The Independent reports that science minister Lord Sainsbury met the director of a company involved in GM food research.

The minister has been under sustained attack in the past few weeks from a possible conflict of interest arising from his shareholdings in various companies involved in GM research.

The Independent also reports on research taking place at the California Institute of Technology.

Researchers at the institute have discovered a new way of creating GM plants which promises to produce dramatically different forms of flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Meanwhile, The Guardian discloses that US scientists have genetically modified a bacterium that glows when it detects carcinogens and moulds in foods.

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