German Green leader replaces Funke

10 January 2001

German Green leader replaces Funke

By FWi staff

THE German Green Partys co-leader Renate Kuenast will replace Karl-Heinz Funke as German agriculture minister, reports BBC Online.

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has had to rebuild his cabinet following the shock resignation of two ministers over the countrys BSE crisis.

The departure of health minister Andrea Fischer and farm minister Karl-Heinz Funke follows a collapse in consumer confidence.

Germany had claimed to be BSE-free but 10 cases have been discovered since testing started last autumn.

No replacement has yet been announced for Ms Fischer.

The Guardian predicts that Barbel Hohn, a Green party member like Ms Fischer, will be given the health portfolio and tackle BSE more decisively.

Ms Hohn attracted widespread attention for warning that BSE could spread to Germany and fought hard against Germany lifting on its ban on British beef.

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