Germans quizzed over BSE claims

04 March 1998

Germans quizzed over BSE claims

BRUSSELS is calling into question Germanys claims that it has had no cases of BSE in its domestically-bred cattle.

The European Commission has asked for full details of a case involving a cow named Anita. Swiss experts denied German claims that an infected cow found in Bavaria was Anita, an animal imported from Switzerland in 1995.

After carrying out tests on the dead animals brain, the Swiss say they found no genetic match with other members of Anitas family, including her father.

Strong rumours circulated in the Commissions agriculture directorate of
another disputed case in Germany.

German authorities insist that all six BSE cases found in Germany were in
imported cattle. Swiss veterinary experts say this is incorrect.

Germany is applying for BSE-free status from the European Union which would prevent it from having to introduce the specified risk material (SRM) controls in its abattoirs already in place in Britain.

The dispute strengthens suspicions among veterinary experts that BSE cases on the Continent have been grossly under-reported.

  • The Daily Telegraph 04/03/98 page 10

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