Get grass-weed under control

7 February 1997

Get grass-weed under control

GRASS-WEED control where autumn treatments were missed, or are now running out of steam, should be a priority as soon as the weather starts to improve.

Applying a blackgrass treatment as soon as conditions are suitable will allow growers to apply reduced rates of fenoxaprop while blackgrass plants are small, says Jo Palmer of AgrEvo. Growers will also be able to use IPU in mixtures with fenoxaprop up to the latest timing for IPU – mid-tillering in blackgrass and some other grass weeds.

Timing trails show a low rate of Cheetah (fenoxaprop) in winter wheat between January and March gave 2.9t/ha (1-2 t/acre) more than untreated, compared with 1.5t/ha (0.6t/acre) full-rate fenoxaprop from after March.n

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