Gill moves to correct Europes media

14 July 1998

Gill moves to correct Europes media

By FWi staff

NFU PRESIDENT Ben Gill is to lead a delegation to Brussels on Thursday in a bid to correct the European media which continues to perpetrate inaccuracies about the state of BSE in the UK.

Mr Gill will try to convince European journalists that UK beef is safe. He will explain the proposed date-based export scheme, and highlight the decline in the incidence of the disease in the past year.

The NFU believes foreign journalists do not fully understand the efforts and control measures introduced by UK farmers, slaughterers, feed merchants and renderers to make British beef safe.

Also of concern is the belief that with so many BSE cases still being reported in Britain, there must still be a risk. The NFU will point out that the cases are all in animals over 30-months-old which do not reach the food chain.

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