Gill warns against pesticide tax

13 March 1998

Gill warns against pesticide tax

IN advance of Tuesdays Budget, NFU president, Ben Gill, has written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, urging him to consider the economic damage any new pesticide and fertiliser tax would have on farmers.

With the industry already suffering a devastating drop in incomes as a result of the strong £, Mr Gill said any input taxes would not only put British farmers at an even greater disadvantage in Europe, but they would also fail to have a beneficial environmental effect.

"Farming is already making great strides in meeting the environmental demands placed upon it. And the imposition of further costs in the current economic climate of the industry should not be considered without substantial research and the fullest consultation," said Mr Gill.

"I believe such research will reveal that taxes of this type are unlikely to cut use and have any significant environmental effect but, rather, would be another step in making UK agriculture less competitive on global markets," he warned. &#42

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