Give the market what it demands

23 April 1999

Give the market what it demands

A further shift towards

growing for the market will

be the theme of change on

farms under land agent

Strutt and Parker

management expertise after

Agenda 2000

MARKET orientated strategies will increasingly need to be at the fore in decision making, says farm business consultant Julian Gairdner.

"We have already moved in this direction over the past few years. But Agenda 2000 proposals aim to move us closer still to world markets, and that means supplying what that market wants and not relying on intervention."

Strutt & Parker has closely monitored the negotiations to assess their impact on the wide variety of enterprises under its management.

"Almost certainly we will see an increase in our cereals area with set-aside being an integral break crop. Oilseed rape will be retained in many places for agronomic reasons but also because it still looks a reasonable bet compared with other breaks, though pulses will still be included where premium markets can be exploited."

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